The Steiningers – a prickling family

Wines are like people – everyone is different!

Karl & Brigitta

Karl and Brigitta manage the winery together with their daughters Eva, Anna and Lisa. Karl and Brigitta took over the winery from Karls parents.

At this stage it was a mixed farm with just a few vineyards. Karl did a school for wine making and Brigitta also grew up at her parents’ winery, where she got to know the daily life of a wine making family.

Together they decided to stop the farming and concentrate only on wine making. Austria is a small wine country. Brigitta and Karl realized that they only can survive on the international market with high quality wines. 1989 they started to produce sparkling wine after they had travelled to the Champagne.

Eva & Peter

Eva, the oldest daughter from Brigitta and Karl, did a wine school and studied International Economies. Eva and Peter live together with their sons Julian and Florian at the winery.

Peter is now together with Karl responsible for the vineyard and the cellar. Eva works together with Brigitta at the office and sales.


Lisa, the youngest, did a tourism school at Krems. After school, she travelled to Florida, New Zealand and Australia. After one year working in the winery, she decided to study in Germany International winemaking.

Anna & Martin

Anna (middle sister) married Martin Arndorfer. They have an own winery in Straß and their philosophy is: “We consider wine making a form of craftsmanship that leaves room for creativity, sensibility and – above – personality. Sometimes this craftmanship turns into art … We have set ourselves the goal to make wines that are able to unite origin and passion and which are constantly arousing curiosity in the big world of wines.” –