The Steiningers – a sparkling family

Making good wine is a way of life, as well as a fascinating task. Every person has his or her own personality. Through the passion for wine and through a lot of feeling, you get your own signature. We want to show and maintain this in both wine and sparkling wine (the noblest form of wine). Good wines are created only by the perfect interplay of many factors: in addition to the natural influences such as soil, climate and weather, our personal experiences and ideas also flow into our wines and thus give them a very special touch. We would like to introduce you to all those people who make our wines what they are: unique and exciting.

Karl & Brigitta

Karl and Brigitta took over the winery from Karl’s parents in 1980. Back then it was a mixed farm with a few vineyards. Charles attended the wine-growing school and Brigitta grew up in a winery in Zöbing and knew the daily life of a family of winegrowers. Together they decided to quit farming and concentrate on winemaking.

Very soon you saw that you could only score points with high quality, both in Austria and internationally. After some trips to Champagne, you started in 1989 with about the sparkling wine production.

Eva & Peter

Eva, the eldest daughter of Karl and Brigitta, knew in kindergarten that they would stay in the winery. She attended the VinoHak (a combination between a wine school and a commercial academy) and subsequently studied international business administration.

Eva and Peter live with their sons Julian, Florian and Sebastian at the winery. Together with Karl, Peter is responsible for the vineyards and the cellar. Eva is responsible for the organization and sale with Brigitta.

Lisa & João

Lisa, the youngest, attended the tourism school in Krems. She then travelled to Florida, New Zealand and Australia. After a year in the winery, she decided to visit the University of Applied Sciences in Geisenheim to study international wine marketing.

In 2018, Lisa married the Portuguese Joo Fonseca and together they untaunted the liqueur wine “Powerful”.

Anna & Martin

Anna (the middle of her sister) married Martin Arndorfer. Together they have their own winery in Straß. They live under the motto: “Wine is from our point of view a craft that also leaves the freedom for creativity, sensitivity and a lot of personality.

In some cases, craftsmanship becomes a work of art … “We set ourselves the task of producing wines that combine origin and passion and arouse curiosity in the great wine world.” –