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Kamptal - Vineyards at Heiligenstein

The basis for the character of a wine is the interplay of soil and climate. In the Kamptal, this interplay is of particular finesse and diversity. For here we are dealing on the one hand with three types of soil (primordial rock, loess and clay), on the other hand with a climate, which can probably be found in a few places on the earth in this constellation. Typical are hot days and cool nights in summer, as well as long sunny autumn periods. These contrasting conditions give the Kamptal wines their incomparable, crystal clear, mineral character.


… a good soil makes every experience a pleasure

Langenlois Kornplatz

Visiting Langenlois means meeting the lovely side of the Kampvalley. To discover a place whose gently drawn vineyards, magnificent gardens and wide-ranging architecture compete for the senses of its visitors. Architectural enthusiasts meet in Langenlois a fascinating synthesis of enchanted cellar alleys,

Winemaker’s life of elapsed eras, and state-of-the-art temples of wine culture. This interplay of old and new can also be experienced again and again at many cultural events.

WEINWEG Langenlois

… Experience wine with all your senses

Wine Trail Langenlois - Precious Kamptal

The WEINWEG Langenlois takes you through an ancient network of paths through the exciting, gratifying and challenging “Workplace Weingarten”. In places where there is a lot of effort and enthusiasm. Immerse yourself in a wine culture that has almost 1,000 years of history and yet presents itself fresh and up to date. Enjoy the WEINWEG Langenlois! You will see, feel, taste, smell, try – understand. The WEINWEG Langenlois is a six-kilometre adventure circuit through the Langenloiser lagen Dechant, Käferberg, Steinhaus and Schenkenbichl. Along the path, which partly leads directly through the vineyards, visitors learn the wine-growing area and learn all kinds of interesting facts about the cultivation of the vines.

The viticulture themes are supported by partly spectacular objects and sculptures: a meter-long earthworm accompanies the topic of soil cultivation, a giant sparkling wine desk becomes a viewing platform, an oversized picture frame offers unusual views of the top locations around the Heiligenstein, on a “weather swing” one can reflect on the whims of the weather and much more.

A special extra for the wine immigrants are the so-called “wine safes”. In three vineyard huts (in our hut of course sparkling wine must not be missing) well-cooled wine and sparkling wine bottles are available for tasting. The rental key to the wine safes and tasting sets (practical shoulder bags with Riedel glass and WEINWEG book) are available from the starting points (EUR 20,00 per person).