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News from the winery

The life of a winemaker is very exciting. We learn something new every day. On one day we are in the vineyard or in the cellar, on the other day we travel around. The majority of our time we spent in the vineyard or in the cellar.

27January 2017

Steininger sparkling wine according to the “methode elementar”

Steininger sparkling wine according to the “methode elementar”   Our family developed a new method of producing sparkling wine - it’s called "elementar“. We work without filtration, sugar and sulfite. The first and the second fermentation are completed exclusively with the natural sugars from the grape. After the yeast contact the sparkling wine was riddled and disgorged without dosage. These three sparkling wines illustrate the character of the grape and offer a unique, exciting, "elementar" taste. Grüner Veltliner, Riesling und Weissburgunder. Bottle Fermentation

2December 2016

Winechristening at Winery Steininger

Our Winechristening was on Friday the 18. November. The godparent was this year the native born in Schönberg and chairmann at Uniqa Dr. Andreas Brandstetter . Dr. Andreas Brandstetter gave her wine the name "Sommerfrisch" it means a light, and fresh Grüner Veltliner, perfect for hot summerdays. The lable was painted from her mother, Ingrid Brandstetter. Some picture...

2April 2015

Wine Spring 2015

Wine Spring 2015 Kamptal Kremstal Traisental 180 Wineries, 3 Valleys, 2 Days Sat, 25. und Sun, April 26, 2015, 10am - 6pm Cover € 10,-