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News from the vineyards

We live with nature, the vines are changing every day. There are hundred steps which we accompany until the wine is ready for the bottle. It starts during winter time with the pruning, in spring, the vines go into juice and then the leaves are coming. In summer, the vines grow and we focus on the work in the vineyards to help the grapes to develop excellent. In the fall comes the most exciting time – the harvest! By harvest time we can influence the stylistics and also the quality of the wine in the cellar. But the most important thing is to have healthy grapes, because in the cellar you can only loose!With our vineyard diary we want always show what is going on in nature.

10November 2017

Die Lese 2017 beendet…

On October 31st, we successfully completed the harvest 2017. The weather conditions were optimal and the staff highly motivated - the best conditions for a very good wine and sparkling wine. Here are some Impression.  

9June 2017


Now, we have one of the most important works at the vineyard. It is calling Jäten, this means that the needless shoots are coming away. Also the new vines needs a lots of time, because when the storm is coming, we must show that they shoots don´t break up, so we tie it on.

12May 2017

Räuchern gegen den Spätfrost

This year we had to fight against frost again. On Tuesday, 9th of May and on Wednesday 10th of May 2017 we went to the vineyards at 4 am in the morning to protect our vineyards. The lowest temperture values were around minus 3 ° Celsius.  Due to the fog we could avoid larger damages at the single vineyads Kremsfeld, Kittmannsberg, Lamm, Kamp and Spiegel.    

20April 2016

Austrieb 2018

Schon seit Wochen ist der Rebschnitt beendet. Die ersten Triebe lassen sich bereits im Weingarten erblicken. Durch die sehr warmen und sonnigen Frühlingstage schreitet der Austrieb rasant voran. Wir hoffen auf ein weiteres perfektes Wetter und, dass uns der Frost dieses Jahr wieder verschon bleibt.