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News from the vineyards

We live with nature, the vines are changing every day. There are hundred steps which we accompany until the wine is ready for the bottle. It starts during winter time with the pruning, in spring, the vines go into juice and then the leaves are coming. In summer, the vines grow and we focus on the work in the vineyards to help the grapes to develop excellent. In the fall comes the most exciting time – the harvest! By harvest time we can influence the stylistics and also the quality of the wine in the cellar. But the most important thing is to have healthy grapes, because in the cellar you can only loose!With our vineyard diary we want always show what is going on in nature.

2April 2015

The green harvest

The green harvest is one of the most time-consuming but also one of the most important tasks in the vineyards. It sets the course for the quality of the next vintage.